The Benefits of Somatic Movement Therapy Training in Australia

Posted on May 21, 2024 by admin

Somatic Movement Therapy is a rapidly growing field that combines techniques from Dance Movement Therapy and Somatic Psychology with an understanding of how the body moves. Through experiential movement sessions and developmental awareness, Somatic Movement Therapy aims to help clients reconnect with their innate movement intelligence and gain insights into emotional and physical patterns.

Training to become a Somatic Movement Therapist offers a unique and highly rewarding career path. It provides practitioners with skills to work holistically with the mind-body connection and help clients address mental, emotional and physical challenges through non-verbal communication.

Tensegrity Training provides a range of courses on somatic dance movement therapy to help trainers assist students in their somatic movement therapy experience. Here are some of the key benefits of undertaking Somatic Movement Therapy training in Australia:


Holistic Understanding of the Body-Mind Connection

Somatic training develops an in-depth understanding of how the body and mind interact. It explores the link between thought patterns, emotions, posture and physical tension. Graduates gain skills to observe how a client expresses or holds themselves, and to use breath and movement to facilitate release of ingrained tensions. This holistic perspective allows therapists to address clients in a way that considers their whole being.


Career Flexibility and Growth

Once qualified, Somatic Movement Therapists have career flexibility working in private practice, community organisations, hospitals, schools or leading their own workshops and retreats. The field continues to grow internationally, opening up opportunities to practice overseas or expand an existing therapy practice. Ongoing professional development is also encouraged to refine skills and specialise in areas like trauma, addiction or perinatal wellbeing.


Personal Growth and Self-Awareness

During training, experiential movement lessons and personal somatic inquiry give deep insight into one’s own movement patterns, strengths and areas for development. This fosters valuable self-awareness which directly translates to enhanced empathy and relational skills when working with clients. Regular personal practice is also encouraged to sustain self-care – an essential part of this work.


Positive Impact and Job Satisfaction

Helping clients through non-verbal and somatic means can have profoundly positive outcomes for mental wellbeing, physical conditions, trauma recovery and more. Graduates often find Somatic Movement Therapy deeply fulfilling work that makes a real difference in people’s lives. Client testimonials and observing transformations first-hand is highly motivating.


Flexible Study Options

Reputable training providers like Tensegrity Training offer flexible study pathways including full-time, part-time and online options. This allows students to fit study around work, family or other commitments. With practice hours completed under supervision and the support of mentors, graduates are well equipped for clinical practice.


Training with Tensegrity

Tensegrity Training is a leading provider of Somatic Movement Therapy training in Australia. Their Graduate Diploma is clinically focused and nationally accredited to equip students with the skills andsupervised hours required to work professionally in this field.

Tensegrity offers modular study allowing existing qualifications to be recognised, plus face-to-face and online delivery.Students gaina holistic understanding of movement therapies whiledevelopingobservation, facilitation and processing skills under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Graduates are equipped to apply their learning in private practice, community settings, hospitals, schools plus more. Tensegrity also continuously supports alumni with further professional development, researchand practice networking opportunities.

Overall, Somatic Movement Therapy training provides practitioners with a highly rewarding career focused on holistic wellbeing. Graduates leave with advanced clinical skills, life-long personal and professional benefits, plus the flexibility to take their practice in diverse new directions. For those seeking meaningful work, Tensegrity Training offers an accredited pathway to becoming a qualified Somatic and Movement Therapist.

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