Certification Pathways for Pilates Instructors in Australia

Posted on April 25, 2024 by admin

If you have a passion for Pilates and are considering becoming a qualified instructor, it’s important to understand the various certification pathways available in Australia. As a government-accredited training provider, Tensegrity Training is well-positioned to guide you on your journey to becoming a professionally recognised Pilates teacher.

There are generally two main qualifications that Pilates instructors in Australia work towards – the Certificate IV and the Diploma. Both qualifications are nationally recognised and will allow you to register as a professional member with industry associations like Pilates Association Australia (PAA). Let’s take a closer look at each certification option.

Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology

The Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology is the entry-level qualification for Pilates instructors in Australia. Offered through Tensegrity Training as course code 52855WA, it provides graduates with the skills and knowledge to safely teach basic matwork Pilates classes as well as small apparatus like balls and bars.

The curriculum for this course covers topics such as:

  • Musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology
  • Biomechanics principles
  • Pilates history, principles and practice
  • Exercise science and program design
  • Teaching methodology and communication techniques

A key component of the Certificate IV is clinical practice hours, where students gain hands-on experience assisting and instructing classes under supervision. This provides a supportive environment to refine skills before graduating.

With a Certificate IV, graduates can register as a Matwork instructor with PAA and work in Pilates studios, gyms or one-on-one. Tensegrity Training students have achieved a 100% employment rate in the industry post this qualification, meaning our students graduate with in-demand qualifications and workplace options.


Certificate IV with Reformer Specialisation

For individuals seeking to teach group reformer classes right from the start, Tensegrity Training also offers a Certificate IV with Reformer Specialisation (52855WA). With this accredited course qualification, graduates achieve the Certificate IV as well as advanced skills and qualifications to safely instruct reformer classes in private or public health settings.


Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology

The next level up is the Diploma qualification. Represented by course code 11053NAT, Tensegrity Training’s Diploma program delves deeper into small Pilates apparatus, movement therapies, and programming for various populations. It provides technicians skills across all major equipment including reformer, cadillac, wunda chair and barrels. Graduates emerge as expert Pilates practitioners capable of working in private studios, clubs or rehab settings. Clinical hours are supplemented with observation sessions of qualified instructors, further enriching the learning experience. The Diploma also meets the Australian standards for an allied health professional role.


Integrated Diploma

For those seeking the fastest pathway, Tensegrity Training offers an Integrated Diploma course combining the Certificate IV and Diploma curriculums. Students complete both nationally accredited qualifications simultaneously over an intensive period of 10-12 months.This integrated option delivers an expedited learning experience, fully equipping individuals to enter the workforce as accomplished Pilates instructors from day one. Graduates are highly sought after within the thriving Australian industry.


Tensegrity Training Support

What sets Tensegrity Training apart is the extensive support provided alongside accredited Pilates courses. Students benefit from industry-leading trainers, a supportiveandhands on learning environment, and small class sizes optimised for personalised learning.

Flexible study options cater to all backgrounds, including online components and hands-on training at 14 locations Australia-wide. Graduates feel confident and vibrantly step into their roles thanks to Tensegrity Training’s dedication to success.

Ready to begin your path to a fulfilling career instructing Pilates? Get in touch with Tensegrity Training to discuss the certification pathway most suited to your goals and experience. Their friendly trainers can also answer any questions to help you choose which accredited course is right for you.

Tensegrity Training is committed to guiding each student according to their unique needs. Their government-accredited programs will set you up to thrive as a professional Pilates instructor valued by clients and employers nationwide.

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