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Do You Love PilatesAnd Want to Turn It Into A Fulfilling Career?

If you’re looking for a more fulfilling career that keeps you fit and healthy, with some of Australia’s best Pilates instructor-trainers to mentor you, then get ready for your transformation to begin!

Tensegrity Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 60182) that offers several different levels of training to help you at any stage of your career in Pilates.

Our courses are nationally accredited qualifications that allow you to walk into any job opportunity with confidence, that you have both the knowledge and hands-on experience to breeze through any scenario that comes your way.

Whether you’re a beginner, who loves going to Pilates and wants to turn your passion into a career, or
you’re already working in the health and fitness industry and want to take your qualification to the next level, we can help you get there.

I’m Ready to Become an Accredited Pilates Trainer
Our Pilates and Somatics Training Courses are recognised by:

Our Training Courses

Accredited Training

With Tensegrity’s Government accredited Pilates instructor training, you will have a qualification that is recognised nationally by employers and respected by those in the industry.

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Short Courses

Choose from a wide range of Pilates Short Courses that will add skills to your existing practice.

Add skills to your existing practice. We offer ½ day, full day and multi day short courses in Pilates, Somatics and Movement Therapy.

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Somatics and Movement Therapy

Discover the healing benefits of Somatics and train to become a Somatics & Movement Therapy teacher.

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Why Become aPilates Instructor

If you’re seriously considering a career in the Pilates industry, you most likely already know and love
the modality. You’ve probably spent countless hours in a Pilates studio, flexing and stretching core
muscles, growing stronger and fitter, and loving the changes you see.

You may have even healed parts of your body that needed attention after childbirth or an injury. And now
you want to share the healing with others in your community.

If you’re a caring person who’s decided to become part of a growing industry that helps other people on
their wellness journey, then let us help you transform lives.

  • Turn your passion into a rewarding career
  • Help other people to achieve their fitness goals
  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification that opens doors
  • Join a community of like-minded instructors who support each other along the way
  • Swap your corporate suits for activewear
  • Enjoy the flexible hours and financial stability that come with this career
  • Enhance your mental and physical fitness each day

We’ll help you do more than just prance around in activewear and take a few nice shots for InstaGram. We’ll actually deep-dive into the study of Pilates instruction and set you up with a well-respected qualification that will give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Our Pilates teacher courses are suitable for any body size or shape, any location in Australia and any level of starting knowledge.

As long as you have the desire to learn, we’ll teach you.

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About our tribe

Executive Director of Tensegrity Training, Tracey Nicholson co-authored Australia’s first government accredited Pilates Movement Therapy courses and has since written numerous levels of Pilates, Somatics and Movement Therapy training programs.

That’s because integrity is at the cornerstone of everything we do at Tensegrity Training. We treat our students and trainers with respect and have been delivering top quality nationally recognised qualifications in Pilates instruction since 2010.

Our highly experienced and well-respected trainers have worked with the elders in the Pilates industry from New York to London and, of course, in Australia as well. We have collectively, hundreds of thousands of hours of teaching experience and it’s our passion to share that wealth of experience with our students!

When you join the Tensegrity tribe, we take you under our wing, teaching you both online and in the classroom here you’ll experience a true hands-on learning experience that helps you to develop your skills well beyond other online-only courses.

We offer our students:

  • Full support – both online and in-person with hands-on training
  • Highly respected and very comprehensive nationally accredited qualifications from a government accredited RTO (60182)
  • 14 locations around Australia. We can also send our trainers to your studio or allied health facility for customised training
  • Incredibly knowledgeable and committed trainers
  • A genuine path to working as a Pilates instructor

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Praise From Our Students And Graduates

The course thoroughly covered safe movement for various conditions and rehabilitation exercises for various pathologies. As most people have some sort of physical issue, I thought this was extremely valuable. Every aspect of the course was so valuable and had a positive impact on my Pilates teacher learning journey.

Tamsyn Deloraine, Tasmania

‘….Further information around achieving neutral spine through various
exercises. Greater depth of understanding of Cadillac repertoire. I
very much enjoyed learning form Bruce who not only has extensive
knowledge & experience, but has a very inclusive and approachable
teaching style….’

Vanessa Killen Melbourne

‘…Bruce’s communication style and his ability to enable me to “feel” what muscles were engaging was outstanding…’

Mike Fitsimon Melbourne

I enjoyed the academic and physical components of the course equally. I am very fortunate to have been offered work in a Studio, so everything I learnt in the Course has proved invaluable. Thank you! I also feel well prepared to teach and confident to ask questions and seek guidance from Tensegrity if needed. They are so supportive of current and past students.

Alana Hobart, Tasmania

‘…Kaz was simply amazing. She explained and demonstrated to us so well
and we were able to pick everything up so quickly…’

Ashlee Huntly Deniliquin, NSW

‘….I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Queen St Pilates Studio, feeling
very welcomed and included into a great group of people. Leanne is an
incredible teacher, I admire her passion and dedication to her
students and work place. I felt very supported throughout my face to
face learning time with her….’

Kerryn Mundy Adelaide

‘…..From as young as I can remember my mum has always been bringing me along to Pilates. It wasn’t until I was around 15 that I started taking interest and going myself. I always loved that ‘after class feeling’ and the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

Along with my new found love of Pilates soon followed a passion for an all round healthy lifestyle. This is where my Pilates journey really began.

Three days before my 16th birthday I started my Certificate IV in my sunny home town of Port Macquarie.

With my teacher and mentor being my mum, it was such an enjoyable experience I gained a deeper awareness of my body. It was through my certification and passion for healthy living that I began my degree of Naturopathy and relocated to Geelong  Victoria. It was here that I fell in love with Hot Pilates and started teaching at Upstate Studios. With the classes having up to 60 students each, every class has such a high vibe and is always nothing but fun.

I feel so grateful to have a job that I truly enjoy and is flexible around my studies. I hope to continue teaching and one day have my own studio. I couldn’t be more grateful!….’

Lilly Howard Port Macquarie

I feel the practical assessments is allowed me to feel confident in my understanding of the exercises. I thoroughly enjoyed this part!! Practicing how to explain an exercise and personally knowing how to do them was my challenge, that I’ve now overcome. I will confidently use my learning from this course to teach Pilates classes at the studio I now work in. I’m very excited to be ‘officially’ getting started on my journey as an Instructor!!

Lauren Central Coast NSW

I have recently completed Integrated Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology through Queen St Pilates Studio and Tensegrity Training. I found the learning environment that Leanne Mollison has created at her studio to be very supportive no matter what background the student may have. The course prepares you to enter your career as Pilates instructor both from a technical and physical perspective with lots of opportunities to practice and perfect your teaching style along the way. Leanne is a wealth of knowledge and keeps the course interesting and engaging for the students. After completing my face to face hours of the Cours I gained work in the industry and that is a testament to the quality of my knowledge and teaching skills gained from the course. I highly recommend the course offered through Queen St Pilates Studio to anyone who is looking at becoming a Pilates instructor.

Jessica Bajic

The quality of the training provided by Tensegrity Training was excellent. The modelling was impressive, and they demanded and succeeded in getting the best from each of us. I was challenged and encouraged greatly as a result. The requirement to complete observations sessions was greatly appreciated as I learnt a great deal from viewing qualified instructors. I was impressed by my trainer’s knowledge and mastery of her craft. Inspirational!

Marney NSW

“….Caroline (Caz) broke the days up well with a balance of completing the
practical and theory components. She was very flexible in her delivery
and allowed us to ask questions are we went. She also made it specific
and relevant to our needs and experience level e.g. desire for more
Pelvic floor set up etc. We would have loved even more time with her,
the course was incredibly valuable. All team members at Tensegrity
have been very helpful and approachable to help with our questions and
enquiries. Thank You!…..”

Jenna Kaine Deniliquin, NSW

“All the knowledge and repertoire that I learnt will 100% stay with me and I will pass this knowledge on through my work with clients. I will endeavour to utilise similar explanations when teaching clients how to use any for of Pilates equipment.”

K.M. South Australia

‘….The entire day was super informative and working with Bruce was wonderful! He was very good at explaining everything and the day was great! There were a lot of phrases and explanations that Bruce used that have stuck with me since Sunday!…”

Bella Sammut Smeaton Grange, NSW- Western Sydney

Clinical Practice hours were valuable time spent under supervision getting hands on training in a safe and supportive environment.  I had “lightbulb” moments throughout the training with certain phrases, cues or knowledge that the trainer shared with us.  The dots started to slowly join. I really enjoyed the Cadillac training and feel confident to go ahead and instruct in all aspects of Pilates instruction.

I have taken away the knowledge acquired in the Integrated Diploma and put it into practice at the Pilates & Yoga studio where I now teach. I am seeing better results and from clients in my classes and have had great feedback. I have learnt so much about my own body and now have a deeper understanding of both my personal Pilates practice and teaching.

Kelly Brisbane Queensland

I have recently completed my Integrated Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology with Tensgrity Training and in partnership with Queen St Pilates Studio and absolutely loved every minute of it!

Leanne kept us all so engaged throughout the course and was able to challenge us, without pushing us over the edge. Leanne was professional, inspiring, supportive and filled with so much knowledge … it was a privilege to do the course with her.  Leanne is so passionate about Pilates, our bodies and our overall health, it created a positive and enjoyable atmosphere to learn in.

Queen St Pilates studio was also the perfect environment to undertake the course, with so much support provided by all the current instructors and reception staff.

Mandy Neller

‘…..I was very fortunate to have Leanne Mollison as my teacher who kept me
motivated and engaged the entire time. Given Leanne is so passionate
and knowledgeable about Pilates, she was able to ignite a spark in me,
allowing me to be so excited about being a Pilates instructor.
Leanne’s method of teaching of ensuring we are all totally immersed in
the world of Pilates and the required anatomy knowledge, had the
greatest impact on me as I was able to learn the material so much
quicker and easier. Leanne was so supportive and she was able to
challenge us without pushing us over the edge….’

Mandy Neller Adelaide

I recently completed the group reformer course though Tensegrity training at Queen St Pilates Studio in Adelaide. Over the three fantastic days of face-to-face training, I was able to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the body and the benefits and versatility of the reformer. Being only 1 of 5 people in this course meant that we were very interactive with the teacher and were able to ask frequent questions, create relative conversations, and feed off of each others ideas. It also meant that we could all use each other to demonstrate and create scenarios, and the instructor was almost always available to tend to us.

The online theory was thorough and simple to follow, which prepared me well for the hands on learning. Ample time was provided to complete the assessments away from the studio, and I loved having to put my knowledge to the test using real life scenarios and putting together class plans for different injuries, ages and fitness abilities. I think this type of learning prepares you extremely well for taking on clients. It was only a week after the course that I taught my first reformer class and it was incredible. I felt like I knew how to tend to each participant based on their abilities and knew how to modify/progress them. It felt extremely natural. I am still teaching at this pilates studio in Moonta Bay and over the course of these past few months I feel like the information I was provided with through Tensegrity has sunk in and progressed, and has not only been of high value to myself, but to the studio and its clients as well.

I have also now completed the face to face component of the Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology.

Lucy Prior

‘….I undertook my Diploma of Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology with Tensegrity Training in 2015. For me, it was a total career change having spent the previous 10 years practicing as a litigation attorney. After years of doing Pilates for my own body and experiencing its many benefits, I decided to turn it into a career. The training I did with Tensegrity gave me the skills and the knowledge to work for myself, support my young family, be more present at home and to teach others the joy of Pilates.

The course is well structured, beginning with an understanding of anatomy before diversifying into content that covers both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the Pilates method, including how to operate a Pilates business. Tracey is a charismatic and passionate teacher whose extensive knowledge is founded in many disciplines, resulting in an educational experience that goes beyond ‘just Pilates.’ In this course you are challenged to think independently, to deduce, differentiate, apply and justify what you are taught. You are required to think critically, logically and thoughtfully in order to successfully and accurately apply what you know to any given scenario. This is how all Pilates courses should be, in order that students enter the profession as self-contained, independent thinkers. The Diploma provides a solid foundation from which to begin your Pilates career.

The learning environment at Tensegrity is relaxed, beautiful and collegiate, and there is opportunity for continuing professional development after you have completed your initial training.

After completing my training with Tensegrity, I worked for a number of studios around the Sunshine Coast before opening my own small, boutique studio. I have a dedicated clientele and delight in what I do every day. For me, witnessing the difference Pilates makes to my clients’ physical and mental health is the greatest reward. I am forever grateful to Tracey at Tensegrity for encouraging me along this path….’

Deborah Commins Sunshine Coast

‘…I valued the presenters hands-on experience, working knowledge and passion of the content. The presenters were very collaborative and encouraged EVERYONE to contribute and express their opinion, which made for a very inclusive learning environment.….’

Louise Osborne Melbourne

Tensegrity is Here to Help You Achieve Your Goals

The demand for Pilates trainers is rapidly growing throughout Australia. At Tensegrity Training, we help you achieve your goals and support you along the way to becoming a fully-trained, nationally-accredited Pilates instructor. Don’t just dream about it! Let us help you succeed!


Meet the trainers at their locations!

Our training locations are all across Australia, so you can be assured there’s a location near you that will welcome you with open arms. When you meet our local trainers in your area, you will be amazed at how knowledgeable and friendly they are.

Many of our trainers come from an education background and so for them, teaching comes naturally. Our trainers are industry professionals with many thousands of hours between them in educating future Pilates Instructors.

Browse the map to find your closest location and hover over to see your trainer’s bio


Pilates Courses Adelaide

Leanne Mollison

Leanne has over 19 years experience teaching Pilates in Australia and overseas, and she has also been a professional dancer with major dance companies such as Australian Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and Dancers, Expressions Dance Company and Dance North.

Leanne developed and wrote South Australia’s first Certificate IV and Diploma level Pilates Qualifications and she delivered these courses for five years in South Australia. She also designed and offered an industry-based Pilates Therapy Instruction in Mat and Equipment Work course and provided the first ever Pilates training to Adelaide and South Australia.

If you would like to meet a trainer in person
and attend a class at their studio, click the button below to arrange a call to schedule a time

Book a studio session Book a Call with a Trainer

Discover the tensegrity difference

Our industry-leading nationally accredited courses are comprehensive and thorough, including:
Cert IV
Certificate IV in Contemporary
Pilates And Teaching Methodology
(National Code 52855WA)

Matwork Certification giving you the skills and knowledge for instructing Pilates exercises and programs in a safe, effective and contemporary manner.

Certification grants you the opportunity to join Australia’s Professional Pilates associations - PAA.

Register your Interest Download Course Details
Cert IV with Reformer
Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates And Teaching Methodology With Reformer Specialisation

A Matwork and Reformer Certification bundled together giving you the skills and knowledge for teaching Pilates Mat classes, Barre and Group Reformer classes.

Certification grants you the opportunity to join Australia’s Professional Pilates associations - PAA.

Register your Interest Download Course Details
Diploma Of Contemporary Pilates And Teaching Methodology (National Code NAT11053)

Studio Equipment Certification requiring Certificate IV or equivalent as a pre-requisite. This program leaves you equipped to specialise in your area of interest and become an expert Pilates practitioner with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Certification grants you the opportunity to join Australia’s Professional Pilates associations - PAA.

Register your Interest Download Course Details
Integrated Diploma
Integrated Diploma - Includes Both Certificate IV (National Code 52855WA) & Diploma (National Code 10596NAT)

Develop the skills and experience to successfully enter the workforce as a Pilates Instructor capable of making adaptations to meet special needs that arise in the health industry, including pregnancy, rehabilitation and movement therapy.

Certification grants you the opportunity to join Australia’s Professional Pilates associations - PAA.

Register your Interest Download Course Details
Trusted trainers for

Where To from Here?

Navigating the available training options can be complex if you’re new to studying or unsure of which type of training is right for you.

We’re happy to talk you through the best options for you, and will take into consideration your current skills in Pilates and the direction you want your career to go, before making our final recommendation.

Schedule a personalised call with our highly experienced and friendly Pilates instructor trainers in your closest location. You’ll have a chance to ask any and all of your burning questions including:

  • Am I able to get Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
  • How many of your students gain employment after completing your courses?
  • Where is the closest studio for my hands-on training?
  • How much do the courses cost and do you have payment plans?
  • When is the next intake and how long do the courses go for?
  • Can I study in my own time whilst working or raising a family?

Alternatively, if you’re ready to go, know which course is for you and just want to complete your enrolment forms and get started, click the link below and download everything you need to commence your enrolment.

Schedule a Call Enroll Now

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