How To Become a Pilates Teacher in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide

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Looking at A Career In Pilates Teaching?

So, you love pilates and would like to become a qualified pilates teacher? Let’s help you get started as it can be quite confusing with all the options available. 

With the right guidance and qualifications tou can turn your passion into a rewarding career as a pilates teacher in any location across Australia! You also have the lucrative business opportunity to open your very own pilates studio. 

By becoming a qualified pilates professional, you’ll have learn the ability to inspire and guide people towards achieving mental and physical benefits through pilats training. Tensegrity Training is a Registered Training Organisation following a curriculum developed by Tracey Nicholson, one of Australia’s first Pilates Practitioners.  We’ve trained thousands of pilates teachers in locations Across Australia, who are now working in their dream job and being well paid in the process. So, get ready to dive into this comprehensive guide on how to become a pilates teacher in Australia, and let’s make your dream a reality!

Step 1: Transforming Passion into a Career

If you enjoy Pilates Training and believe in its benefits, and enjoy sharing knowledge with people and supporting them in the learning process, then becoming a pilates teacher could be the career perfect path for you. As a pilates teacher, you’ll play a vital role in training individuals to reach their fitness goals, whether it’s improving strength, flexibility, or overall physical conditioning.

Step 2: Finding The Right Education Provider

To kickstart your new career path, you need to find a training organisation that help you build your practical and theoretical knowledge base and then help you through the process to becoming a successful pilates professional.

Tensegrity Training has been graduating qualified pilates teachers for over two decades, with pilates studios across Australia frequently contacting us for fresh graduates. 

Step 3: Selecting the Right Course

Choosing the right course is key to developing the necessary skills and knowledge to become a fantastic pilates teacher while also holding a nationally recognised qualification. 

Tensegrity Training, you’ll find an array of accredited training courses tailored that will help you become an industry leading pilates teacher, including:

Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates And Teaching Methodology

(National Code 52855WA) :

This is a Matwork Certification that provides you with the skills and knowledge to instruct pilates exercises and programs in a safe, effective and contemporary manner.

Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates And Teaching Methodology With Reformer Specialisation

A Certifcation that combines Matwork and Reformer Pilates bundled together giving you the skills and knowledge for teaching Pilates Mat classes, Barre and Group Reformer classes.

Diploma Of Contemporary Pilates And Teaching Methodology (National Code NAT11053)

The Studio Equipment Certification requires Certificate IV or equivalent as a pre-requisite. This program leaves you equipped to specialise in your area of interest and become an expert pilates teacher with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Integrated Diploma – Includes Both Certificate IV (National Code 52855WA) & Diploma (National Code 10596NAT)

Develop the practical and theoretical experience and skills to successfully enter the workforce as a pilates teacher capable of making adaptations to meet special needs that arise in the health industry, including pregnancy, rehabilitation and movement therapy.

All Certification grant you the opportunity to join Australia’s Professional Pilates associations – PAA.

It’s important that you select a Government Accredited qualification that allows you to join a professional association such as PAA or AUSactive so you can work as a qualified Pilates Practitioner Australia-wide.

Step 4: Inquiring and Registering

After you have identified the course that matches your objectives and ambitions, get in touch with Tensegrity Training for more details.

Our team will seamlessly guide you through the enrollment process and can assist you at every step, ensuring a smooth transition into your chosen program.

Step 5: Learning and Thriving

Now comes the exciting part—immersing yourself in your Pilates education! Embrace the coursework, hands-on training, and mentoring provided by Tensegrity Training. 

Stay committed to ongoing learning and personal development, as this will pave the way for a successful career as a Pilates instructor.

Where Can You Work as a Pilates Teacher in Australia?

As a pilates teacher, you’ll have a variety of opportunities depending on the course you choose and the skills you acquire. Here are some potential work settings to consider:

Group Pilates Matwork Classes: You can teach at community centers, fitness centers, Pilates studios, schools, or even online platforms.

Group Pilates Reformer Classes: Reformer studios, fitness centers, and professional sporting clubs are great places to share your expertise.

Studio Pilates Equipment Sessions: Fully equipped Pilates studios, clinical/allied health practices, and specialized dance/art schools offer exciting possibilities.

Types of Clients You Can Work With

As you start your rewarding career in pilates it’s important to consider what kind of clients you would like to work, as well as what types of classes you would like to specialise in. 

Here is just a few options you may consider:

  • Group fitness exercise using reformers
  • Group exercise on the mat
  • Small group sessions using all the specialist pilates equipment
  • Working one-on-one with people in rehabilitation.


Earnings and Working Hours:

A roll as a pilates teacher will offer you flexible work hours with many instructors getting to choose class slots in the hours they prefer, plus you have the opportunity to set your own hours as business owner in the future. 

Pilates teaching is a career that offers qualified teachers the opportunity to earn upwards of $120 per hour.

As a Pilates Instructor your responsibilities will involve;

  • Instructing, coaching and educating individuals or small groups, in Pilates workouts.
  • Ensuring that Pilates exercises are performed safely by offering guidance and supervision.
  • Motivating clients to reach their fitness objectives.
  • Following workplace health and safety protocols.
  • Creating customized Pilates programs to meet needs.
  • Making adjustments, to programs based on specific requirements.

Qualities of a Great Pilates Teacher:

To become a pilates instructor it is crucial to develop the following attributes;

  1. Effective communication abilities; You need to be able to communicate instructions and guide your clients through the exercises.
  1. Enjoyment, in working with people; It’s essential to derive pleasure from working with individuals and genuinely caring about their overall well-being.
  1. Openness to learning; Being open-minded and willing to learn and expand your knowledge and skills is important, in this role.
  1. Having the ability to think critically in order to evaluate the needs of clients and adjust programs accordingly.
  1. Demonstrating empathy, generosity and humility, in order to establish an encouraging atmosphere for your clients.
  1. Being attentive to details. Maintaining a commitment towards upholding high standards, in pilates instruction.
  1. Find the drive, within yourself be truthful and demonstrate a strong dedication to work in order to inspire and set an example for others.
  1. Use humor to create a positive experience for your clients while working as a pilates teacher.

Begin your journey towards becoming a motivating pilates instructor with Tensegrity Training. By following the steps provided in this guide and acquiring the required certifications you can turn your aspiration of being a pilates teacher and Allied Health Professional, into a reality.

Contact us today to find out more about starting your new career as a pilates teacher in Australia!

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