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Many practitioners, both new and old, are occasionally looking for workshops or ways to learn new skills. It is a fantastic way to bring different exercises or new techniques back to your studio or to the place where you work, and a excellent opportunity to re-discover your love for movement, teaching and wellness.

Tensegrity training offers a vast range of Short Courses and Government Accredited Qualifications for practitioners who already in the Pilates and movement industry or who would like to join these dynamic and ever growing specialties.

At the Pilates Qualification level we offer comprehensive courses in Pilates such as:

Certificate IV Instructor Training Course. This covers the essential skills and knowledge for executing and instructing Pre-Pilates and Pilates Traditional Matwork exercises and programs in a safe, effective and contemporary manner. Upon completion, graduates will receive a Certificate IV (52728WA) which is a nationally recognised qualification.

Diploma Instructor Training Course. This course will equip you with the skills and experience to be a capable Clinical Pilates Studio Instructor. The course will provide you with client assessment skills, exercise prescription, advanced teaching techniques, as well as a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology and associated pathologies.  This course covers all the Pilates equipment- The Reformer, The Cadillac, The Wunda Chair, The Barrel and smaller items such as the Roller and the Magic Circle.

Integrated Diploma Pilates Instructor Course. This is the integrated version which includes both the Certificate IV (52728WA) and the Diploma (11053NAT).  This course allows you to complete both qualifications and prepares you for entry into the Pilates industry- either as a highly skilled employee, or ready to open you own Pilates-based business.   Upon completion you will have receive a Certificate IV (52728WA) and the Diploma (11053NAT).

At the Short Course level we offer comprehensive courses in Pilates and Somatics:

For those who would prefer a Short Course for professional development or selective upskilling, Tensegrity Training also offers a range of ½ day, 1 day, 2 day and 3 day Courses, suitable for those who wish to add to their existing Pilates certification with some postgraduate study, or for those Allied Health professionals looking to add to their practice with a Nationally Recognised Professional Development Short Course for professionals in the Allied Health field.

Pilates Group Reformer Instructor Training Course. This course will enable you to safely teach clients in the group fitness context using the Pilates Reformer.  This multi-day Short Course will equip graduates with the skills required to develop into exceptional Pilates Professionals with knowledge and confidence to run Reformer-based classes and also articulate into the Certificate IV (52728WA) and the Diploma (11053NAT) in the future.

Barre-MindBody (Barre). In this course, you will be introduced to an intensive Barre workout incorporating movements choreographed to contemporary music. It is a total body workout for movers of all levels and a great deal of fun to teach, adding some spice to your weekly classes.  The fundamentals of Pilates are incorporated in a dynamic and exciting format.

Barrels Repertoire. Barrels are very versatile pieces of equipment and are used to challenge and provide variety for clients. In this half day course, you will learn to use Barrels exercises to cater to different levels of fitness and extend your clients.

Small Equipment/ Apparatus. This course will add huge variety to your classes. The course covers over 100 exercises ranging from rehabilitation-based repertoire to some very challenging advanced exercises to really extend your clients.

Cadillac Repertoire. This piece of equipment is great for rehabilitation, challenging clients or adding variety to classes in the studio or clinic. During the course, you will learn the full Cadillac repertoire from beginner through to advanced level.

Pregnancy in Motion. This course allows you to enhance your knowledge and skills when working with pre and post natal clients. This course takes you to the next level, covering specific pregnancy programming and issues to give you more confidence in instructing your pre and post-natal clients and providing dynamic active pelvic floor training

Somatic Movement Education.

This course is designed for practitioners looking to enhance the Somatic dimension of their work with clients. Somatics is a mindful technique, which facilitates greater mind-body integration, ease of movement and freedom in the body. This Somatic Education Unit introduces the somatic self, some somatic theory and exercises for assessing and somatically changing bodies so that they are free of the destructive effects of over contracted muscles and negative movement patterns.

For any questions on the courses offered, including dates and locations for training, please contact Tensegrity Training on [email protected] or call 0400 600 360.

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