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Tensegrity Training has a number of training venues throughout Australia, including several in Victoria.  Each of our training venues has well accomplished instructors who have chosen to bring their passion for Pilates into our instructor training Qualification(s) and Short Course(s).  Our aim is to ensure that the rate of highly competent instructors entering the Pilates industry increases with every year.

For students who are based in Melbourne, or are ready and able to travel to Melbourne for your Pilates Instructor training we have a course provider for Victoria, Bruce Hildebrand. Bruce is the co-founder of Balance & Control Pilates, and he has delivered Pilates Instructor training programs since 2012- bringing decades of experience both in Australian and overseas to every one of his training sessions.  Bruce now delivers the Tensegrity Training Certificate IV (52728WA) and Diploma (11053NAT) qualifications in Melbourne and across Victoria.

Bruce also offers training in Wangaratta, Warragul and on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria for students in these more regional locations.  We recommend that you contact Bruce directly for more information on dates and locations for the regional training.  We can also bring our training to your venue in any area of Victoria, just contact us and let us know your specific requirements.

Bruce himself has participated in a wide range of sports including tennis, cricket and baseball with his main achievements being in AFL football. He was vice-captain of the VFL Under 19 representative team in 1995, and played at this state level for 4 years in the Victoria Football League and the Western Australia Football League. Bruce originally trained in Pilates in 1999 with in the UK with Body Control Pilates, working alongside some of their most experienced training teachers in the central London studios. He trekked the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu in Peru in 2000, sailed the Atlantic Ocean on crew with a maxi-yacht in 2001, and ran the 2002 London Marathon.In 2003 Bruce was invited to manage the first Body Control Pilates UK studio in Scotland, where he worked with members of UK rock band Radiohead and members of the cast of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

As an adult, Bruce studied classical ballet for 6 years and has performed in a handful of amateur productions. He also served as consultant Strength Coach to the Australian Ballet School from 2005-2011. He has trained a number of elite Australian sport and art performers. Bruce enjoys the discipline of learning the piano, and the joy of being a devoted husband and father to two young children.

Bruce came back to Australia and established Balance and Control Pilates- nestled comfortably in High Street in Prahran and with another studio in Richmond, Balance & Control was established in 2004 and the studios grew in to one of Melbourne’s leading specialist Pilates and Physiotherapy practices, treating a wide range of individuals from elite athletes and dancers focused on improving their performance, injury rehabilitation, senior classes and general strength and mobility work for the discerning individual. Balance & Control studios are known for their outstanding calibre of instructors and physiotherapists with many Melbourne area Pilates instructors and other professionals in the movement field come to Balance and Control Pilates Studios for their personal practice.

With our Nationally accredited training available around Australia, and world-class eLearning systems in conjunction with the face to face training, students have the flexibility to learn when and where they want.

Our courses are delivered in both metro and regional areas and we can also bring our trainers to your location to make the best possible Pilates training available to your staff.

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