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Tensegrity Training provides Pilates teacher training in many locations throughout Australia and we can also arrange to come to you at your venue even if you are off the beaten track or unable to attend one of our many, picturesque training locations.

Adelaide, South Australia

If you are anywhere near the capital of South Australia, Adelaide, then we highly recommend our SA course provider, Leanne Mollison at Queen St Pilates.

Leanne has over 19 years experience teaching Pilates in Australia and overseas, and she has also been a professional dancer with major dance companies such as Australian Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and Dancers, Expressions Dance Company and Dance North.

Leanne developed and wrote South Australia’s first Certificate IV and Diploma level Pilates Qualifications and she delivered these courses for five years in South Australia. She also designed and offered an industry-based Pilates Therapy Instruction in Mat and Equipment Work course and provided the first ever Pilates training to Adelaide and South Australia.

Her qualifications and experience include:

Associate Diploma of Arts (Dance)

Diploma of Pilates Therapy Instruction

Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology

Certificate IV in Pilates Therapy Instruction

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certification in Applied Kinesiology (Working Body, USA)

Leanne is the Director of Queen St Pilates in Adelaide located at Croydon.

Queen St Pilates, Adelaide

Queens St Pilates is a fantastic example of a well run and professional studio, with the inviting space setting you at ease and creating a real sense of peace and calm from the minute you enter. It also boasts on site Physiotherapy, Massage, Boutique Retail, a gallery and even a community garden!  Certainly the studio has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the front room of Leanne Mollisons’ home in 2004.

Queen St Pilates is housed in the historic 102 year old Ancient Order Of Druids Meeting Hall in Croydon’s retro precinct and has been operating as a specialist studio for the last 13 years.

What better way to immerse yourself not just in training and the Pilates method but also to experience the synergy of all aspects of health coming together to form the vast tapestry that is the allied health professions all housed at Queen St Pilates. The team of extensively experienced Pilates practitioners at Leanne’s Pilates studio are on hand to guide students through the practical teaching learning journey, providing the competence to step into the industry with many hours of teaching skills behind you.

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