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New South Wales has perhaps the greatest number of Pilates Training options available for those wishing to study this method.  Tensegrity Training has three locations in Sydney- Drummoyne, Neutral Bay and Smeaton Grange/Narellan as well as several additions venues along the coast of NSW at Kincumber (Central Coast) and Port Macquarie.

The Drummoyne location, MyPilates is centrally located in the inner west along Victoria Road between Balmain and Gladesville. Studio owner and Principal Trainer, Natalie Murray started her Pilates career in 1996 after completing a Diploma in Sports Injury Therapies at ACNT. In 2002 Natalie completed a Graduate Certificate in the Pilates Method at UTS. Natalie has worked with an extensive range of clients and over the years she has helped people get their body and life on track by integrating safe and corrective exercises into her Pilates practice. As a long term member of the APMA she has made many very valuable contributions to the development of quality training for new instructors and she shares her strength and passion with all of her students.

Our Neutral Bay teacher training is held at Leeon Studio Pilates on the lower North Shore.

The principle trainers, Brad and Larissa have been providing individualised Pilates teaching to a wide range of clients for over 23 years. Leeon Pilates take an active role in the business, ensuring the continuity of professional Pilates Method teaching, in a friendly, comfortable environment. Brad is a Pilates industry educator who embraces opportunities to advise and mentor many existing Pilates teachers in the movement industry and Larissa is very close to completing a PhD on the topic of “Pilates and Posture and Vocal Quality in Singers”, making her a world-leading expert in many aspects of the Pilates method.

The location at Smeaton Grange/Narellan in SW Sydney is in the state-of-the-art Pilates Reformers Australia and Semprose Pilates.  Cheryl Burgess, Director of Semprose Pilates and Fitness studio in Smeaton Grange is not only an accomplished Pilates Instructor, business owner and course provider, she is also a mother. After her daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis, Cheryl began researching alternative methods of strength and stability which ultimately lead her to Pilates. Cheryl is motivated, meticulous and ingenuous, and an obvious boon to the Pilates industry.

In Port Macquarie, overlooking the Hastings River, you will find Bodiline Studio. Established in 1999 the studio has become well known for its friendly and inspiring environment and also as a venue for excellence in teaching and practise of the Traditional Pilates method. With stunning river views and sea breezes blowing through the studio, Bodiline truly offers the perfect place for you to learn and immerse yourself, thanks to the expertise of the studio owner and Tensegrity course provider, Carolyn Howard. Carolyn started her Pilates journey over 18 years ago when living in Tasmania. A keen runner, Carolyn had sustained an injury and was told by her medical practitioner to stop running. Thankfully, her osteopath recommended Pilates for her injury rehabilitation and she was immediately captivated by the mind / body connection of the practice. Carolyn is a Principal Trainer in the Pilates method, the highest level of membership from the Pilates Alliance – received in recognition of her experience and qualifications.

Central coast NSW boasts one of our newest venues, the impeccable Phoenix Pilates Studio, training everybody from elite athletes to people recovering from injury, pre and postnatal women, dancers and anyone ready to embrace their body and “adore their core”. All of Phoenix’s teachers have a Diploma in Professional Pilates and have been teaching for at least 7 years before joining the Phoenix Pilates team. Tracey Nicholson, the prime trainer for the Sunshine Coast and CEO of Tensegrity Training has been running the teacher training from Phoenix Pilates and will be handing the 2020 training calendar over to Liz in the coming years.  Live the dream and train on the Central Coast!

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