Praise From Our Students And Graduates

We are extremely proud of our graduates! They complete our training programmes and commence work in the Pilates and Allied Health industries-equipped with an extremely solid foundation of skills and knowledge. We know that many of them open their own studio businesses, gain employment in studios and health centres and start their Pilates journey successfully! So we’d like to introduce a few of them and share their stories. You are also most welcome to click on their website(s) and find out for yourself where a Tensegrity Training qualification can take you…

Rob and Ash from Movementality

The concept of our business, Movementality, really started in 2014 in London.

Rob had done clinical Pilates training while in the UK and Ash had a background as a professional dancer which gave her a natural talent for interpreting how movement was being blocked in a person’s body. The two practitioners began to successfully collaborate on private clients while overseas. This worked extremely well, and upon returning to Australia, both Rob and Ash went through the formal Pilates Diploma (10596NAT) with Tensegrity Training in Melbourne.

The trainer in Melbourne, Bruce Hildebrand, had a teaching style which provided an excellent platform for Ash and Rob to develop the reasoning behind what they already knew and to gain a Nationally Recognised Australian Qualification, so when the opportunity arose to take on an existing Pilates studio in 2017, Rob and Ash jumped at it and brought Movementality into real life.

Since then, the studio has gone from strength to strength, utilising a number of graduates from Bruce’s delivery of the Tensegrity Training courses, as these students are generally 6 months ahead of their peers in terms of preparation to work with clients. Movementality in Richmond now specialise in complex injury rehabilitation through blending the Pilates training principles with Somatic Therapy and Functional Neurology to harness the body’s own potential to heal.

Rachel in regional Queensland

Rachel started her Pilates journey by distance- doing much of her coursework online before attending the face-to-face training at Tensegrity on the Sunshine Coast. She opened her first studio in the small regional community of Murgon and it was an instant success – prompting her to open a second location in the nearby town of Kingaroy. Rachel is proof that it’s not just all about the the big city when it comes to Pilates. She and her team are now very busy in two regional towns- equipped with all the skills and knowledge to be successful and to enhance the lives of farmers and community members through movement and wellness.

If you find yourself out in the South Burnett area and would like to meet Rachel and her team, they’d be sure to welcome you warmly.

Check them out on social media:

Claire in the heart of Noosa

Claire has a background in yoga and Pilates and she came to Tensegrity through our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. Wanting to formalise her skills with a Government-accredited qualification, Claire recognised that getting properly qualified was the key to being taken seriously in the Pilates industry. Since obtaining her qualifications with Tensegrity, Claire opened her own studio in the heart of Noosa and now she has a staff of six and an ever expanding client base for group and private Pilates and movement sessions.

If you are lucky enough to be in the greater Noosa area on holiday or for a lifestyle change, Claire and the entire team at Noosa Flow would love to see you. Check them out on social media or better yet, book in for one of their sessions in Noosaville:

Henry in Hobart

Henry began to practice Pilates in Hobart to complement his dance training, and he loved how it improved his performance. Unfortunately, he sustained a serious hip injury while dancing and needed intensive rehabilitation to regain his dancing abilities - Pilates was his saviour.

When the studio where Henry was a client asked him about becoming qualified he was overjoyed and began the Certificate IV (52728WA) in the last half of grade ten, completing it in the first part of year eleven.

Henry continues to dance and is a member of the Tasmanian Youth Classical Ballet Company. He also sings, acts and loves all things active and healthy. He had amazing support throughout the course from the principal instructor at 3 Degrees Pilates Studio and also the wonderful Tensegrity trainer in Hobart.

Upon completion of the Certificate IV, his training and skills were recognised and he has been offered employment with 3 Degrees Pilates Studio and also Friends’ Health and Fitness. Henry plans to further his dance and Pilates training when he finishes school, and is extremely grateful to have done the course before year twelve and without travelling interstate.

Henry can’t wait to see where else Pilates may lead him.

And just to further highlight Henry’s achievements- He was nominated for and won the ‘2020 VET in Schools Student of the Year’ in the Tasmania Training Awards.

Congratulations Henry!

Caz in Port Macquarie and Melbourne

Caz has always loved fitness and well-being and she was one of the early graduates of Pilates industry in Australia. Since obtaining her initial qualifications which were not Government accredited, she completed her RPL upgrade with Tensegrity Training and then moved to beautiful Port Macquarie where she opened a main studio overlooking the river and a smaller wellness centre in the hinterland.

Caz has also undertaken her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE 40116) and for many years offered training for the people of the NSW mid north Coast. She is an active member of both the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) and the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) and she continues to inspire the next generation of clients and students!

Drop in to either of the studios she inspired in Port Macquarie or Wauchope if you want to understand Caz’s legacy and hear more about her Pilates journey.

Now Caz has moved to Melbourne and is running both trainings and a boutique studio in the super cool Albert Park. She is an imspiring teacher and an outstanding instructor.
Check her out at:

Lily in Geelong via Port Macquarie

From as young as I can remember my mum has always been bringing me along to Pilates. It wasn’t until I was around 15 that I started taking interest and going to classes myself. I always loved that ‘after class feeling’ and the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

Along with my new found love of Pilates soon followed a passion for an all-round healthy lifestyle. This is where my Pilates journey really began. Three days before my 16th birthday I started a Certificate IV in my sunny home town of Port Macquarie. With my teacher and mentor being my mum, it was such an enjoyable experience and through the course I gained a deeper awareness of my body. It was through my training with Tensegrity that the passion for healthy living further inspired me to do a degree of Naturopathy and eventually relocate down to Geelong Victoria.

It was here that I fell in love with Hot Pilates and my Qualification landed me a job teaching at Upstate Studios. With the classes having up to 60 students each, every class has such a high vibe and is always nothing but fun. I feel so grateful to have a Government Accredited Qualification that got me job that I truly enjoy and is flexible around my studies. I hope to continue teaching and one day have my own studio. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Richard (and Monica) the expanding Chiropractor business

Richard was already a qualified chiropractor, acupuncturist and homeopath when he decided to train with Tensegrity. He wanted to expand his Chiropractic centre by offering additional services to his clients, so he enrolled in the Certificate IV (52728WA) and built an additional area in his expanding practice to accommodate a Pilates component.

Richard understands that people expect qualified staff, so he made the decision to hire Monica, another recent graduate to run the Pilates sessions at his expanding wellness centre- choosing an individual who started her training with Tensegrity after a career in massage. She now works as both a Massage Therapist and Pilates instructor!

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